On the Road
As I was going to market
upon a sunshine day,
I met a horse as fine
as any was fed on hay.
This horse was wide in front.
This horse was wide in rear.
This horse was o-so very tall
I could couldn’t see her ears
Her mane was black, her tail was too
her coat, it blackly glistened.
Her hoofsteps were so very quiet
but you’d hear them if you listened.
I wished that I could ride a while
upon her tall, strong back.
That dream was hardly thought
when she vanished up the track.
Her gallop was like purring,
her tail flew high behind her.
I turned and followed as I could,
determined now to find her.
I never got to market.
I never found that dazzling mare,
but I remember every day
what luck to see her there.