It’s World Poetry Day! Let’s celebrate!
world poetry day 
2016 marks 100 years since School Magazine began publishing poetry, fiction and non fiction into schools and beyond. What a wonderful achievement by so many wonderful people. What a great magazine!
100 yrs school magOver the years, many of my poems have appeared in the pages of School Magazine, and the team there continue to accept my poetry. Each poem is illustrated and it’s always a delight to see what images the poems inspire.
I love Matt Ottley’s illustration for ‘On a Country Drive’. This poem was born on a trip home from the north east of Victoria after a weekend away, but one phrase – ‘paddock-coloured sheep’ I’d written on the back of an envelope while on another trip away, this one to Queenscliff. I’d tried many times to put that phrase into a poem and only this time did it work. 
A lot of my poems are word pictures, an attempt to capture an image, a second. 
‘Tropical’ is about one of my favourite flowers, the very showy but not very long lasting passionflower. Another wonderful Matt Ottley illustration.
I hope the School Magazine continues for many years to accept the work of writers and illustrators and to offer young readers such a variety of story types. 
Happy Birthday School Magazine! Happy World Poetry Day. 
ps other Australian poets will be blogging today and thereabouts including Lorraine Marwood
Jackie Hosking, who started it all, has a full listing of other places to visit.