We spent the weekend in and around Warburton, east of Melbourne. Friday night continued the rain of Friday day and brought with it power outage. The power outage took not only our electricity but also our water (electric pump for water from tanks) – a minor concern given there were multiple people staying in this out-of-town house and we were all attending a wedding the next day. 
But we managed. An emergency call to us when we were en route guaranteed candles and some resourceful water gatherers (outflow from an overflowing water tank) meant all was fine for that evening. Noone could do the dishes though. And there was a slight frisson about showering on Sat morning. 
Luckily the power was restored sometime over night and we were all sparkling clean for the wedding (as were the dishes although we left them at the house)

Sunday dawned with clouds that gradually burned off to bright blue skies. 

It was also a day of rest, at least in short bursts. 

 Some relaxed more than others. Others drank coffee and ate cake.