Every year we meet twice with a group of friends – for nearly 30 years now. The first gathering is a weekend away with our families. When we began there were two children. Now they are all adults, all 14 of them and these days there are always extras. It’s a big wild, messy weekend in group accommodation around Victoria. There’s always too much food, late nights, stories and photos.
The other time we meet is for a dinner with just the ‘adults’ – we’re still searching for an appropriate other title now everyone is adult – and no ‘oldies’ is not a consideration.

And sometimes, there are other events, with some or all of us. Last night, after a quick dinner in Acland Street, some of us saw Jackson Browne at the Palais Theatre .
Like all of us, (and ahem 95 % of the audience) Jackson Browne is no longer a teenager. But man can he still sing. There was no support act, only Jackson, doing two long sets, separated by an intermission. 

The evening remained mild and gentle so we climbed to the 28th floor (oh okay, we took the amazingly swift lift) sipped cocktails and watched the world go by.
A wonderful night with good friends. Life is good.