The coloured pieces in this quilt are one-inch squares. (yes, quilting still speaks the language of inches)
For scale, refer the conveniently visible thonged foot behind the quilt.
It’s hard to fathom the hours spent planning, cutting, sewing and quilting this piece.

I liked the stained glass/linocut sensibility of these.

This was an award winner, best of the best ( I think that means the selection was made from the best of quilts from state competitions). It’s impossible to capture in the photo, the intricacies of the work. This is over two metres wide (see how non-quilt savvy I am?) and longer than it is wide.

I have no aspirations to make any quilts of any level of complexity, but it is fascinating to see the work of those who do.

There was also an exhibition of war quilts made mostly by men. While I saw some war quilts at an exhibition in Queensland (which also featured the Rajah Quilt), there were many more there. Most were made from the wool of uniform etc, some with tiny pieces. They told their own story of war and rehabilitation.