This is one of the views from the Docklands Library. It was also the venue for the inaugural ‘Night of the Notables’, hosted by CBCA Vic at the library. The room was full to bursting with Children’s Book people. I caught the train and tram in, and had a vague idea where the library was. Fortunately, guest speaker, Will Kostakis, was on the same tram and although we didn’t speak, I just followed him. Surely he was going to the right place.
Amazing food was supplied by an asylum support group (sorry I can’t remember exactly who it was).

In previous years, the Short List was announced only hours after the announcement of the Notables, and from that point on, the Notables list didn’t get much attention. This is a great way to celebrate the long list and to offer schools and libraries an opportunity to check out more wonderful books. Sadly none of my books made it this year, but see here for the complete list.

Many arrived by public transport, and others drove and parked nearby. However, others parked slightly further away, offering the opportunity to take photos on the way back. 

A lovely night, both inside and out.