My dad is currently on a restricted diet which precludes many of the foods he loves.
┬áMy contribution to yesterday’s lunch was fruit, preferably some that he could eat. But when I spoke to him to clarify, he’d just stocked up on what he could eat, so there wasn’t much point in adding to those.

So I selected as many usual and less-usual fruits as I could find – hopefully something for everyone. And surprise of surprises, he was able to eat dragon fruit! So I’ve expanded his ‘safe’ list by one. Win.

I even enticed some reluctant food adventurers to try some something new.

I loved the colours on the platter and the patterning in the pomelo (bottom pic) though who wants to pick out that many seeds? It was a delicate flavour, more gentle than many of it’s cousins in the citrus family.

Pomegranite, pomelo and berry
delicious I think them, very
lunch was too short
for them AND a torte
at a lunch both pretty and merry