First stop, Walker Books Australia in Newtown to talk about illustrations for ‘Bird to Bird’, an upcoming picture book. Loving the work of Wayne Harris.

Welcome Reception at Customs House, we walked all over Sydney, then climbed stairs to watch Friday night Sydney go about its business.

In the bookshop …

 and the trade hall.

Listening to Mark and Terry talk collaboration at the conference and in Mark’s office.

The Book of the Year shortlist was announced at noon (ish) on Friday. Delighted to see Sue Lawson’s Freedom Ride there and thrilled to see ‘Meet Weary Dunlop’ on the Crichton shortlist for Jeremy Lord’s illustrations. 

Making sure it’s still there

At the signing table after our Non fiction session.

We shared cake to celebrate the 100th birthday of The School Magazine. Lovely to meet Alan Edwards who heads the team who have published my poetry, fiction and non-fiction.

The program may be finished but there’s still some work to be done

Smoky Sydney

Directions to there

Even Jeannie Baker’s materials board for ‘Circle’ is beautiful.

Watch out lighthouse!

Welcome Carole

Homeward bound.

It was a stimulating, rewarding, exhausting weekend. So many great speakers, events, friends, colleagues. Take home for me? The world of books may be threatened (by the current governmental report that suggests restricting copyright in so many ways and the removal of so many school librarians) but it is still full of passionate book people prepared to fight for our children’s access to quality Australian books.