Saturday 3 pm at Little Bookroom and I finally got to meet Connah Brecon, illustrator of Wild Pa, and also coincidentally illustrator of ‘Barking Barnacles’ a first picture book project for us both. Due to circumstances, this book made it as far as final proofs but not to print. Spin the clock forward and here we are with Wild Pa, both happy to see our work in print. 

Loving the jungle back drop. Shall you read it, or shall I?

Okay, I’ll do it.

Let’s do it together. Good idea.

We tagged-teamed it, with me reading and Connah showing the pages.  I did have to keep stopping to show all the extra gags and details embedded in the images.

 I have no words …

White paper fever … happens to us all when faced with a blank page
Was his nose big?

He wore a cravat …

Thank you Leesa, thank you Ian and Lesley. Thank you to everyone who came to help us celebrate. Thank you Connah and Kimberly who paired us on this project so many years after that first book.