It’s taken a little while to get my head around Spring (and now Summer) after being in Ireland for Autumn. But joys like this one help.

Everyday gorgeousness of geranimums.

On Wednesday last, I visited Hillcrest CC for ‘Read to Me’ Club to share (read and sing) my Christmas stories. Michelle Nye is always so welcoming and supportive. She even sang with me!

This lovely young lady remembered me from my visit in Book Week. Greeted me with a hug! What a welcome.

Not my house, but one opposite where our choir rehearses. Certainly brings the ‘season’ to life.

On Thursday, I was guest speaker at the National Council of Women’s annual luncheon. I can’t remember the name of this engineer/performer, or her instrument, but her playing was delightful. She played another woodwind instrument too. 

I loved the reflections of buildings on this building. Photo taken at sunset en route to Creative Net Christmas party.

We had an early start to Saturday, helping our son and dinlaw move into their new house. This involved collecting furniture and other bits and bobs from several spots in Melbourne before delivering them to their new country house.

Twas a big truck. Almost too big for the street. And despite predictions, they filled it. Oh my.

Not a bad view. Back yard.

All hands on deck. The number of cars gives it away – it was a hive of industry inside despite this peaceful facade.

There was a sunset. It was good.