Some years ago, Kat Apel started what became an annual January event, A Poem A Day, where poets posted their work daily. There were myriad styles and the poems covered a broad range of topics. Comments were welcomed, and poems tweaked.

Although the event has changed, it endures in different forms. Some post in a FB group, others aim for the writing without sharing.

I try to write a poem each day for January, and as I did last year, I’m hoping to post a poem here each day.

It’s my New Year’s, after-Christmas training. Here’s my first go.

At the Movies
Moisture pushes heavy through our breathing
Clings close with every in and out
This air hangs the worst of smells
We whip away
to another world
where snow hurts
as much as any beast bites
Heat scurries along gutters
drains away.
Burnt bitumen sighs
and we dance across the street,
singing in the rain.