On the Train
Three teen boys open the door from inside,
then loudly call for gratitude
from the gorgeous girl who enters.
At her non-response, they swagger
in body and voice
past where she sits,
then on to the next carriage
One frequent traveller
calls each station,
pre-empts the voice-over instructions
to remember to touch on and touch off.
What was that? she asks
of every unexpected noise.
A student scans a submission,
his companion a quiz.
Hospitality workers sigh
their work before them
and behind.
A couple field chat
from a woman who yawns as punctuation
in the conversation she is really having with herself.
Others sit in silence, eyes down
left to their own devices.
The sun shines on,
the airconditioner blows
and on the track
a sparrow chases a moth.