At the Dog Beach 
On the broad ankle-to-knee shallow
women tuck skirts into knickers
men clasp thongs behind their backs
children skip and splash
dogs stop         and go
twist and splash
greet and flee
On the far edge
beyond the wreck
where the sea floor drops away
and the setting sun golds
the distant silver city scape
a man yells and curses
as his dog frolics
the beach is not yours
he tells another couple
people like you wreck it 
for everyone, he repeats
and curses again
What’s going on,
I ask my companion
who has spent the last minutes
watching the remote-controlled plane
and marvelling
at how long it has stayed aloft
his dog is out of control
he says they say
We search the sunset beach
for a patch of sea
deep enough to wet our dogs back