So, I got the day right.
And the show
Perhaps, I got the time wrong …
So there we were in town, with a few hours up our sleeves.
We had a leisurely lunch …

… then we crashed a choir festival. Well, a collection of choirs really, as part of an annual celebration of St David’s Day (a couple of days early). There were Welsh men’s choirs, and choirs of young people. Five choirs in all. And a harpist, and a Welsh soloist and a Welsh conductor. 

The church was almost round, and the acoustics wonderful. The harpist was delightful and played longer than the program indicated – surprising everyone, including the conductor.

But finally it was time for the show. Is there anywhere in Melbourne that can beat the Regent Theatre for opulence?
Okay, there is that gothic interior that’s now a bank.
And the Manchester Unity Building exterior.
But …

 Too much is never enough.

Sometimes it was hard to know where the floor ended and the balcony railings began. 
The central chandelier was alright too. 
As was ‘Ladies in Black’, the show we’d arrived twice to see. 
No one in our seats the second time …

And on the way to the station, a close up of the sparkling water wall that will disappear from City Square shortly to make way for underground rail upgrades. I love that you can stick a leaf on the wall and it will stay put.