So, perhaps we didn’t quite nail this one, but it was still fun.

Loved the David Hockney exhibition, small, middle-sized, large and huge.

And there was more of it, projected on the dark walls of the Great Hall as Amanda Palmer sang to a packed and adoring crowd.


And now for something completely different. I loved the way the paddock of bales gave way to a sea of colourbond rooves.

Great fence

Don’t know what this tree is, but I like it.

Next door, preparations are underway for more building. The ground is like moon dust, light and it fluffed into the air as we stepped through. Not these birds though, their footsteps captured clearly. As were the few raindrops.

These nerines hint at a previous dwelling, although all other traces are gone. I love how nerines push up these showy flowers before the leaves shoot.

The growth on this leave was brain shaped, and so far, wasn’t affecting the leaf.