I feel like I’ve been absent for a while – much of this year really. Mostly to do with study. But I’ve submitted my final project, completed the feedback form and what happens next is beyond my ability to predict/affect.

I’ve culled my books and there’s a little room on my shelves. I’ve partially cleared my desk, I have my printer back and it’s sort of working, my email inbox is back to manageable and I’m starting to work through what’s been waiting patiently (the impatient things are also done) and I’m ready for what’s next.

But while I work on them, some exciting news. I have confirmation that Koala will also appear in Danish. And Big Red Kangaroo is to be in Korean! Can’t wait to see copies.

My Name is Lizzie Flynn is officially available in paperback from Thursday. Lovely to be able to share her again.


I have left my cave occasionally. I had a lovely day workshopping story with students from 6 Ballarat primary schools. What a treat! I’ll be back in July for some more workshopping with the same students, focussing on poetry.


I was as happy as a pig in long grass. The workshops were conducted at a farm school and I visited the pigs, some chooks and other animals before I drove home. Just call me Old MacDonald. Or not.