It’s winter here in Melbourne, which means I’m typing while wearing very fetching fingerless mittens, multiple layers of woolies and a big scarf. My office gets a bit coolish. But it’s so beautiful. Much as I hate getting up in the dark, that’s dog walk time and it’s always worth the effort for the sunrises, and the early morning light (keeps the dog happy too).

And there are other things that happen in winter. Great new book releases to add to the reading pile (although a couple of these went straight to the top), I helped a friend launch her first book, our choir was part of a Folk to Classic concert at Newport Folk Festival, we finally managed to book our Christmas gift dinner, and Koala is about to be released. I’ve received posters and teacher notes. Plans for two launches are unfolding, one in Sydney and one here in Melbourne.

Before that though, I’m off to Ballarat for a couple of days, then to PNG. Where it will be warm.