I love Book Week. I love it even more when it’s extended over more than a week. This year my ‘Book Week’ began in late July and continues until mid-September.


First port of call was PNG, Oro Province where four writers and illustrators were lucky enough to be able to visit a range of schools from elementary (village-based) schools to secondary day and boarding schools.

Bonuses (as if we needed more):

1 x astronaut

1 x medical team determined to reduce/eradicate TB

1 x tiny frog

1 x water diviner (and yes we all tried it and yes we all found water)

1 x visit to Kokoda Trail (walked a few metres in … does that count?)

We had multiple ‘oh my’ moments, from the size of some of our groups, through incredible welcomes, odd food experiences (curried duck balls anyone?), and brilliant company.

Return to Melbourne was a rude (cold) awakening but my first dog walk affirmed the approach of Spring.

Then there was ‘Love Your Bookshop Day’ on Saturday. I visited both my local bookshops, Younger Sun in Yarraville and Book and Paper in Williamstown to join their celebrations.

Roll on Book Week!