Last week I visited a local kinder to share Koala with the Koala kinder group in the sunshine of the park. Weather was perfect and the children had made gumleaf crowns and were generally totally immersed in the outdoors. They regularly visit the park which abuts their kinder – how brilliant is that?


I’ve been in Sydney this week, tripping about with wonderful illustrator Julie Vivas, sharing Koala with children and adults, both in person and on radio. What a treat! After Sue Whiting led a celebration of the release of Koala (including singing Happy Birthday) Julie ran a koala-drawing workshop at Children’s Bookshop in Beecroft, then a stone-painting activity for some very enthusiastic preschoolers.


IT begins


Story stones




All her own work. Love it!

I’ve also had the opportunity to talk about why I think it’s important to share Australian stories with Australian children. The impacts can be far-reaching. I have also been guest blogger here