No Maypoles in sight, but plenty of running around.

Okay, so that may have been in my gym class in ever diminishing circles, but running was done, around and on the spot.

Bit like life really (she said waxing philosophical) … nah that’s it. There have been circles, and sprints, and slow downs.

We lost our lovely dog recently, the inspiration for Seadog. So there is sadness, but also huge troves of wonderful memories. Funny how the door scratches, killer pffts and nighttime possum chases seem to fade behind the loving welcomes, long walks and other joys of dogdom.

In happier news, both Bird to Bird and Dingo are finding people who enjoy them. I did a welcome to Dingo at the Altona Library during the holidays. We talked about Dingoes, completed a quiz and decorated Dingo images. We may also have howled loud enough to earn a rebuke from nearby library patrons, but the kids loved it. I met – remet – Ravi, who I’d met last at an event for Koala. He even wore a Koala pendant (he’s a huge fan of koalas). Ravi brought his lovely sister and mum with him.


Bird to Bird will be sharing World Environment Day at Newport Library on 9 June with the librarian who gifted me his anecdote about pulling down a lean-to, and germinated the idea for Bird to Bird. Details will be on the Hobsons Bay Library website shortly.