Yesterday, on my walk, I took a turn down a lane. We have a few lanes remaining in our suburb, although most have been closed/bought/built over. But a few have been maintained and are well used. They also have fruit trees with accessible branches, and the figs are ripening …

I digress. There I was, walking this lane. There are generally two types of sheds/garages visible. The garages are generally newbuilt and have remote control doors. Square, shiny, flash. The sheds are the opposite, dull, usually corrugated iron, often on a lean, with more holes and gaps than a piece of lace. In other words, no one was much fussed about their appearance.

Then there was this one:


It is different. It’s painted. Not yesterday, but it even looks like someone has patched the paint.

It’s still got the weeds, but someone has tried to make it look better. Why? It’s standing straight, it’s got a new chain. Hmm. I wonder what’s inside? It’s impossible to see. If it was something they were trying to hide, why would they paint the iron? It’s not big enough to put a car.

What would you put inside the blue tin shed? Why would you paint it?