I love Autumn in Melbourne. The days are mild, the nights are cool. Blue skies are everywhere!

I have several routes for my daily walk and all are familiar. Yet, when I think about it, I notice different things each day. Sometimes there’s more walking and not-noticing, and sometimes there’s more noticing. It’s my thinking time, my not-thinking time as well as an antidote to too many hours sitting with a screen.

Without exception, everytime I remind myself to consciously notice things, there’s something new to see. Even if it is always there.

Today it was a bird bath. Not so unusual you say. Many front yards have birdbaths. I myself have a birdbath in my front yard. Two things generally occupy my birdbath. One: water. Two: birds.

My birdbath has not ever, to my knowledge been occupied by a lobster, a rabbit or shells.


Open your eyes, I remind myself. You never know just what you’ll see!