I love taking pictures, particularly of gum flowers and gumnuts. There are so many different shapes, sizes and colours. Even on the same tree there can be different shapes and sizes, like the gumnuts here. I have no idea whether there are male and female, or why the smaller ones have longer stems.

But, you guessed it, I’m going to link this pic to storywriting. In the time directly after submitting a ms, I come up with a million brilliant story ideas. Hilarious, that one! Fascinating. Compelling. But for all sorts of reasons, unknown to me, the vast majority of these ideas fail to bloom. (watch out, there could be more of these … )

There are so many stories, but they float through the air like a wisp of fragrance half-smelt or appear and disappear before I can make out the form they might have. It’s frustrating, no, downright annoying sometimes.

Perhaps it’s part of the writing process. A percentage game. Yano, 50 ideas for one first draft or something?

So here’s the connection to the title.

Ideas are wonderful. Awesome. Fabulous.

But they alone, do not a story make.

A story needs an idea explored, ripened, extended, flipped, ripped apart and more.

And right now, I think I’ve finally hit upon a very coolish first draft. Which is a rubbish draft, but enough of an idea to get my teeth into.

That’s a very big PHEW! from me.

Over and out. Time to warm up.