It’s Tasmanian Devil Competition time!Tasmanian Devil Book Cover

Attention students, parents, teachers, librarians!

Clear your desk and sharpen your tools.

We – Claire and Max – creators of the new Walker Books Nature Storybook, Tasmanian Devil, want to share our joy on releasing our new book. So, we’re having a double-the-fun-competition. You can enter either the poetry-writing competition or the illustration competition. Or both!

Four lucky entries (two writing, two illustration) will win a copy of ‘Tasmanian Devil’.

But wait, there’s more …

The class that submits the most entries will win a book prize pack from Walker Books Australia.

Competition opens 15 June 2022

Competition closes 1 August 2022

Results will be posted here and on social media. Winners will be contacted by email and receive their prize via Australia Post.

With your permission, we will also post winner and short-listed entries on Claire’s blog at



Tasmanian devils are wonderful. They are curious, brave, feisty and very good climbers. They have loud voices although they don’t use them often. They don’t like to share their dinner. And here’s a fun fact – their ears become even redder when they are excited. Imagine that!

Write a poem (at least 6 lines) about what you think it would be like to be a Tasmanian Devil imp. Here’s an example:


I am an imp, a Tassie devil imp.

Chase me, chase you,

climb the closest tree.

Lollop along the beach.

Crunch on crabs, fish heads too.

What’s that? What’s this? Did you see that butterfly?


My mouth is open wide,

hear me growl,

hear me shriek.

What’s that noise?

Watch me dive

headfirst into my burrow.

Brave can wait

I am an imp, a Tassie devil imp.


Your poem can be non-rhyming or rhyming and as long as you like.

When you’re ready (and before 1 August), submit your entry to Claire at




Download Max’s art sheet. Add two Tasmanian devil imps sleeping, exploring or playing. Make it simple, make it fancy. Make it beautiful! Use pencils, paints, collage or a mix of all of these to show us how much you love Tasmanian devils.

Click here to download the Tasmanian Devil Art sheet

When you’re done, submit your entry (no more than 5 mb please!)  to Max at





Please include the following in your entry submission:

  1. Permission for us to post your entry on social media (yes or no)
  2. Permission for us to post your first name with your entry (yes or no)
  3. Permission for us to post the name of your school (yes or no)

*** You will be eligible for a prize, even if you say no to all these. We’d just like to share your wonderfulness. ***