The world is big, and small

Blue globe of earth

The world is big, and small

The life of a writer can be a varied one. One minute you’re bemoaning the fact that you haven’t left the house for days and there’s no food anywhere. The next, you’re up before dawn for a daytrip interstate.

And the next next, if you get my drift, you’re headed up the highway into the rain-soaked countryside, simultaneously admiring the agility of a fox as it hotfoots it across the road and cursing those who thought it was reasonable to release these dangerous predators into our country.

Shortlisted, announcements and bookshops

Judge Paul McDonald, Claire Saxby, fellow shortlister Brian Falkner


While it hasn’t been as busy as my last post, it’s been busy enough.

‘The Wearing of the Green’ was shortlisted for the ARA HNSA Historical Novel Prize, alongside Katrina Nannestad’s Rabbit, Soldier, Angel, Thief and Brian Falkner’s Katipo Joe.

The Prize announcements were in Sydney and I flew up to attend.

Sue Whiting and Claire Saxby

Sue Whiting, me

I also visited some bookshops, visited the State Library’s picture book illustration exhibition and caught up with good friend, Sue Whiting.




Conference and Donuts

Donut Board at Librarians Conference

Donut Board

I was a last minute substitute for a teacher-librarian conference called MANTLE in Newcastle. What a lovely conference. Such great energy. And there was a donut board!

I can’t say I saw much of Newcastle, but I waved to my friends and family as I was driven past their houses on the way from and to the airport. If only I’d had time to let them know I was coming …

Claire Saxby, Steven Herrick, Sami Bayly, Aura Parker


Then there was a final full day school visit in Melbourne, and a three day writing camp in the countryside. Such enthusiastic young writers and illustrators and their indefatigable teachers.

Yes, there were heavy downpours and temperature plummets, but there was also sunshine and kookaburras.

School children with Iceberg paintings
School children holding books they have made during Claire Saxby school visit
grey sky, rain during school visit by Claire Saxby
Early morning blue sky reflected in water during Claire Saxby book visit
Kookaburra with worm
Newcastle landscape

But wait, there’s more.

My house became a film set for a day! Lights. Cameras. Action. (and all the people driving that) A clapper board and makeup too. And a shark costume!

It was such a treat to be part of Story Tools Season 2. And for this film novice, the wonderful team were very gentle and patient. I look forward to seeing the end product at Storybox Library in early 2023.

Claire Saxby and helpers donning shark costume at StoryTools film shoot

Next year is starting to book up (okay, pun unintended but appropriate) but first I’m looking forward to summer and some family time.

A very Happy Christmas to you all.

Claire in Shark costume during StoryTools film shooting
Claire Saxby holding Iceberg Book for StoryTools film