Other Books

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The Carrum Sailing Club, ill Christina Booth

Sometimes it’s not the destination that counts, but the journey. Join a family on their walk along the beach to the Carrum Sailing Club

Sheep, Goat and the Creaking Gate ill Judith Rossell

Sheep is perfectly happy in her paddock until she notices the Jellagong tree in Goat’s paddock.

All that stand between her and the tree is Goat and a creaking gate.

A Nest for Kora

Kora is searching for the best place to lay her first egg. Will she ever find the perfect nest?

Ebi’s Boat

Ebi loves everything about boats. If only he could find someone who shares his passion.

Freaky Fact or Fiction: Human Body

It is said that fact is stranger than fiction … but can you tell the difference? Your head contains 22 bones! Humans can sense over 300 smells! The average person will walk more than three times around the world in their lifetime! Wait a second … is that true?

Freaky Fact or Fiction contains over 200 weird and wonderful stories abou the human body that will put you to the test: can you tell the difference between fact and fiction? Quiz your family and astound your friends with hours of freaky fun!