by | Sep 2018

Dingo by children's author Claire Saxby


Illustrated by Tannya Harricks

Published by Walker Books Australia

ISBN: 9781925381283 / 9781760651565


Whitley Award 2019

NSW Premier’s Literary Award 2019


Claire Saxby invites the reader in at once, ‘Can you see her? There — deep in the stretching shadows — a dingo’.  Full Article

Dingo’s faultless text, stunning illustrations and clever design all play their part to create a beautiful narrative non-fiction nature book that may well become a classic. Full Article

This nonfiction picture book follows an evening in the life of a dingo in Australia.  Full Article

The text is lyrical, pacing across the pages like Dingo paces across the landscape.  Full Article

This book takes us through a day in the life of a dingo. She has five nine week old pups. Full Article