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Iceberg Front Cover

IcebergChildrens Book of the Year 2022 Winner

Illustrated by Jess Racklyeft

Published by Allen & Unwin


An iceberg is born into spring and travels through the seasons before dying in a new spring. A stunning, lyrical story for our times, from renowned picture book creators Claire Saxby and Jess Racklyeft. Iceberg


  • Adelaide Festival Award for Literature shortlist 2022
  • CBCA Notable Picture Book of the Year 2022
  • CBCA Notable Eve Pownall Award
  • CBCA Shortlist Picture Book of the Year 2022
  •  CBCA Winner Picture Book of the Year 2022


Iceberg is a rare nonfiction book that beautifully layers art, science, and poetry into a memorable story that stays with readers.” Hakai Magazine  Full Article


There is no absolutely question as to why Claire Saxby and Jess Racklyeft are both multi-award-winning creators, and this book is a perfect partnership, eliciting the very best from both of them. Anica Boulanger-Mashberg is a freelance editor, writer and reviewer, and has worked as a bookseller at The Hobart Bookshop for over 10 years. Nov 2020

Saxby’s poetic text and Racklyeft’s illustrations are matched in a dance as integral to each other as the life surrounding the iceberg bringing a new world of wonderment to young readers… You know that it if has Claire Saxby’s name on it, it will be extraordinary and this is no different. Barbara Braxton Teacher Librarian Feb 21

Claire Saxby is well-known for her superlative, well-researched work, and carefully chosen words. In Iceberg, her use of poetic language, alliteration and assonance could be construed as musical: but mostly the sky swirls snow or ice crystals in this frozen desert. Winter tides swell and ebb… the narrative appears to float on the same movement as that of the ice.

Jess Racklyeft keeps reinventing herself through an astonishing ability to use colour by immersing herself in her projects. Shades of blues and greens, and dazzling whites form shadowy backgrounds for the life that depends on them. With the collaboration of these two gifted artists, a world of frozen beauty has been created. Full article