The Anzac Billy

by | Sep 2019

The Anzac Billy Book Cover

The Anzac Billy


Illustrated by Mark Jackson and Heather Potter

Published by Black Dog Books


I’m filling our Anzac billy. It’s full of Dad’s favourite things.

A billy can’t be posted, delivered on a bike, or sent in a car, truck or train.

It has to be loaded on a ship with all those Anzac billies for all the soldiers.


Claire Saxby has as always, researched her subject thoroughly to create a moving tale of love, longing and the loneliness of being far from your loved one. Full Review

There is a tender voice in Saxby’s text, an appealing boy at its centre, and an authentic setting. Full Review by Stella Lees

This is an exquisite picture book. The verbal text caters for a younger audience while the topic, that of the Christmas billy, and historically accurate pictures cater for an older audience.  Full Review

An ideal book for young readers, and KS1/ lower KS2 pupils studying the period; it would also make an unusual, but highly pertinent, Christmas time story. Full Review