by | Jul 2020

Kookaburra - a naturebook by Claire Saxby


Illustrated by Tannya Harricks

Published by Walker Books Australia


Whitley Award

CBCA Notable

In the crinkled shadows night dwellers yawn, day creatures stretch and Kookaburra laugh. Kook-kook-kook. Kak-kak-kak.


These are informational books for children who love to learn about Australia’s natural world and all its living creatures. Nature Storybooks open countless opportunities to younger readers, to identify and learn about Australian animals and birds, their lifestyles, habits, choices they make, and how they build families. Full review

This particular nature storybook really sang to me through the descriptive yet easy to understand language, onomatopoeia and simple facts embedded throughout each page. Full Review

(Age: 4+) Highly recommended. Part of the dawn chorus in Australia, the laugh of the kookaburra is most distinctive and Saxby imitates that sound in her text as it follows the lives of a kookaburra family… Full Review

…this fascinating narrative sweeps us through a busy day in the life of Kookaburra. From her first laugh at daybreak, nesting, feeding, impressive territorial displays, to her night song in the deepening twilight, this title allows readers to witness the daily adventures of this female laughing Kookaburra and her family…Full Review